“Cloud” – the future is happening now, next generation computing delivered today.

Cloud Computing enables customers to access any IT services from “the cloud” without sophisticated hardware deployed in-house and without huge investments. Effectively all traditional hardware and software can be removed from your office, your data and applications can all be moved to a secure datacentre.

Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about how to increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. All you need is a terminal and an internet connection.

Whatever stage you are at, or whichever combination of cloud services you choose, we can help you through the process and deliver the right solution for your business.

Cloud Infrastructure and Storage

Our idea of Cloud Infrastructure and Storage for your business is a solution precisely configured to meet your needs. The processing power, memory and storage that you require are worked around a bespoke system, based in our secure data centres, and is available and protected 24/7. This comes with a simple monthly pricing structure; you only pay for the resources that you use. Your costs are as scalable as your system.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Portman Cloud provides you with a solution keeping you away from suffering the consequences of losing data. Our solutions are based on the industry’s leading, reliable backup and recovery services tailored for your needs. Following an initial full backup of your data to our mass storage secured data centres, we provide fully managed and encrypted daily backups.

Cloud Desktop

Our cloud desktop services allowing you to access all of your data and apps from any location in the world – you only need any kind of Internet connection (wired, Wi-Fi, mobile) and a device connecting to it (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone). You can access your data, emails and applications through our virtual desktop. The cloud desktop that can deliver almost any software to your remote location and is fully integrated with our other cloud services.

Cloud Email and Protection

Email in Portman Cloud is delivered to you through our hosted server platforms, providing all the functionalities you require – whether you need a full Exchange solution or basic secured email platform. With full integration to all the latest smart phones and tablets, any operating system and full synchronisation of your email, folders, contacts and calendar events is a solution for your business.

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