How to Choose a Unified Communications Provider | The 5 Pillars of a Trusted Provider


Finding the Right Unified Communications Provider for Your Business

Choosing a unified communications company to work with can be overwhelming. Not only is there a wealth of UC vendors to pick from, there is also an abundance of great managed providers and resellers.

We’ve put together 5 things to look for in a UC provider to help you find the right unified communications partner for your SME.

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5 Pillars of a Trusted Provider

  1. Onboarding

    While social distancing rules are still in place, and minimum travel is advised, the onboarding process can be difficult to navigate. It is important to consider whether a provider has the capabilities to roll out a new UC solution to 100+ people who are all working remotely.

    Most importantly, the onboarding process should be bespoke to each business’s situation and needs. Onboarding may be done on an individual basis, through a group video call, or with training videos. How employees are introduced and trained on brand new systems should be tailored to each business.

  2. Flexibility and Scalability

    For SMEs a main priority in finding a UC provider should be flexibility and scalability. It is crucial to consider how quickly a provider will be able to adapt to your company’s changing needs.

    In such an uncertain market, the ability to scale up, or down, is key. Many unified communications providers will offer on-demand solutions which allow you to only pay for what you use. This is a great model for businesses who are going through a period of change, or who want the ability to grow and scale easily.

  3. Value for Money

    From implementation, onboarding, and training to ongoing support and maintenance, managed providers can offer many services within one package. The right managed provider can offer great value for money.

    It’s important to consider whether a supplier is able to tailor solutions to your exact requirements. The more tailored the solution, the better value for money. With a truly bespoke solution your business will not be paying for features you don’t need or use.

  4. Integrations

    The ability to make integrations with your current systems, or the possibility to make integrations in the future, will allow for smooth running systems and applications. The level of added value a partner can provide will be a massive deciding factor when choosing a supplier.

    Providers that offer open APIs (application program interfaces) will enable developers to create bespoke solutions unique to your business.

  5. Reputation and Reliability

    Consider the amount of support you require and whether a provider will be able to facilitate this.

    Are they reliable and responsive? For small to medium sized businesses, a hassle-free model is invaluable and allows business leaders to focus on running their businesses, rather than liaising with UC vendors.

    Do they have a good reputation? Do your due diligence on providers by looking at case studies and testimonials to see whether past customers would recommend them.

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