Cyber Security

A cyber security strategy requires a balance between being simple for day to day use and sophisticated enough to avert cyber attacks.

Many companies are looking at ways to improve their IT security but sometimes need a little help and guidance.

Portman Tech can support you through the journey of implementing a cyber security strategy, ensuring your digital assets and data remain safe and securefrom cyber threats in the current digital age. When it comes to safeguarding your company from these risks, we at Portman Tech know how critical it is to remain on top of the latest developments. Our team of cyber security professionals are highly trained and experienced in the field of information and cyber security.

Computer Network Security is a key component of our services. Whether it’s Malware or Ransomware seeking to infect your systems or hackers trying to steal important information, we comprehend how crucial it is to secure your company’s network from outsiders. Working together with you, our team of professionals will find network weaknesses and put precautions in place to prevent unwanted access.

An additional crucial component of our services is information security. We are aware that your company’s sensitive information, including customer and private data, must always be kept secure. To guarantee that your information is safe, we provide a variety of information security services, such as data loss prevention, implementing Zero Trust and firewall protection.

Security on the internet is another important service that we provide. The hazards of internet cyber security threats has never been stronger as more and more companies move their activities online. Our team of professionals will collaborate with you to create a thorough Cyber Security Need analysis document which in turn feeds into creating a Cyber Security Policy that will safeguard your company from online threats and preserve your online reputation.

Another essential service we provide is DDoS defense. DDoS assaults may be disastrous for organizations, resulting in lost sales and reputational harm. We’ll collaborate with you to put protections in place against DDoS assaults so you can keep running your business online.

At Portman Tech, we are committed to giving our clients the finest service possible and recognize the need of services for Cyber Security in London. We provide a wide range of services, including DDoS protection, Network and Information Security, and online security. Our team of specialists are knowledgeable with the most recent technology and recommended procedures for protecting enterprises from online threats. Look no further than Portman Tech if you’re looking for a reliable Cyber Security Services in the United Kingdom.

padlock for malware protection

Malware & Ransomware protection

These are often sophisticated attacks carried out to compromise your data and business systems. We actively monitor key factors to give early warning that an attempt is being made to compromise the system, allowing decisive action to be taken before the malware / ransomware takes hold.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Provisioned at the network edge, Distributed Denial of Service protection removes DDoS attack traffic from your network without disrupting key services.

data loss protection

Data Loss Prevention

Monitors key resource access and blocks suspicious connections, ensuring access is restricted to authorised users.

To discuss a Cyber Security strategy for your organisation, reach out to our friendly team.