Secure Business Infrastructure Solutions

Our dedicated team will build your infrastructure with a design solution that meets your requirements.

Our expertise covers everything from managing or deploying data cabinets –  including servers, on-premise backup, networking equipment, firewalls etc. We also deploy business grade WiFi networks and data cabling (CAT6, CAT6A & Fibre) across multiple floors. We provide solutions to manage disaster recovery and private clouds.

Because we recognize how crucial it is to have a dependable and secure IT Infrastructure Solutions in the current digital era, we work hard to provide the finest solutions to suit your company’s requirements.

Firewalls are one of the essential elements of any IT architecture. A variety of firewall solutions are available from Portman Tech to assist safeguard your network from intrusions and assaults. Our server management and firewalls may be customized to match the unique demands of your company and are built to protect your data by screening out dangerous traffic.

Another crucial element of IT infrastructure is disaster recovery, which should not be underestimated. We offer disaster recovery solutions that will allow you to bounce back swiftly from any unusual event, such as natural disaster or power loss. Our solutions are made to save downtime and keep your company functioning normally even in an emergency.

Private clouds are another option we offer. With more security and management than a public cloud, a private cloud is a cloud computing system that is devoted to a single company. Our private clouds are constructed using the most recent technology, guaranteeing that your data is always secure and available.

We also provide networking hardware including hubs, switches, and routers. Your devices and systems may be connected to one another using our networking hardware, which also makes sure that your data is transported swiftly and reliably. We also provide virtual private clouds (VPC) and optical network terminals (ONT) to expand your network and guarantee safe remote access to your resources.

We offer a range of firewall solutions for your company. Depending on your requirements of an application level gateway, packet filtering or Deep packet inspection, our team of professionals can assist you in making the right decision for your business. We provide firewall solutions from the like of Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Sophos, Dell, Fortinet, pfSense to name a few.

We provide IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services in addition to firewall solutions. These services are made to assist you in efficiently managing your IT infrastructure and utilizing cutting-edge technology. SaaS and PaaS offer software and platform services, respectively, whereas IaaS offers a variety of services including virtualization, storage, and networking.

Finally, we provide services for desktop virtualization and data cabling. Any IT infrastructure must include data cabling, and we can assist you in designing and installing a cable system that is customized to your company’s requirements. The ability to run different operating systems and programs on a same computer is made possible by desktop virtualization, which can aid to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Whether it’s firewalls, disaster recovery, private clouds, networking equipment, or anything else Our infrastructure solutions meet the demands of your business and your users. They are designed to scale and flex according to your requirements.To find out exactly how we can assist you in growing your business, get in touch with our team.

IT server infrastructure


From basic file sharing to complex workloads, we can help deploy the appropriate server infrastructure – both on-premise or in the cloud, for your business needs.

wifi solutions

WiFi Networks

With ever increasing demands for wireless communication, we can deploy business & enterprise grade WiFi solutions that can scale or flex as your business evolves.

data cabinet management

Data Cabinet Management

We not only deploy a visually pleasing solution within your data cabinet but a functional one as well.

To discuss an Infrastructure project you are considering, reach out to our friendly team.