IT Outsourcing for London, UK Companies: 7 Key reasons to Choosing the Right Partner for Your Needs

Portmantech Local Versus Other IT Companies

Stop IT Headaches! Find Your Ideal Outsourced IT Partner for London, UK Companies


“I’ll be back!”

Whether it’s the cyborg from the future saving you from machine related problems, or your own IT services provider doing the same, an assurance that they will always be there to help, is worth its weight in gold!

Our previous blogs ‘When and how to outsource IT support requirements’ discussed the various benefits of seeking professional expertise instead of employing in-house staff. Multi-tasking entrepreneurs, industries with niche businesses, or even those big banners handling multiple products/services would do better to outsource to fairly priced local and over-seas IT firms.

An article by Technavio analysts in the website mentions that the global IT outsourcing market could grow at a CAGR of over 4%, (USD79.55 billion incremental growth) over the next 5 years, the main reason being the need to optimize business processes.

Just like Portmantech, managed IT service companies from across various worldwide locations help enterprises plan projects and allocate resources for project development, thus aligning the organizations’ project planning with their own business objectives. Capacity optimization, lead time and cost reduction, and profit incrementation are just a few of the advantages that are accelerating the growth of IT outsourcing services market.

Find Your Ideal Outsourced IT Partner for London, UK Companies | Portmantech Local Versus Other IT Companies

The versatility and availability of different IT support company options sometimes can get overwhelming, specifically for those who work outside the technical forum. Attractive pricing offered by a virtual partner can be very tempting, especially because the majority of IT work these days can be done remotely.

However, before you choose your outsourced IT partner, do consider these following reasons to go local:

  1. TIME is of essence

    In today’s modern world, a company’s smooth operations completely depend upon its networks, devices, software, data and connections. These have to be seamlessly available, working and uncompromised. Unfortunately, technology is unpredictable, especially problems and glitches. And this is where the character of your outsourced IT company will stand out. The response time will depend on whether this company is over-seas, in some remote part of the country, or local! Downtime can run into hours (mainly in case of different time zones) and that will only impact your earnings.

    If the problem has to be manually fixed, a Managed IT Services provider like Portmantech, situated in the heart of London, can send its expert personnel really quick. Having the support of an on-site technician will set your mind at rest.

  2. The local company

    providing IT services knows your market
    Portmantech, IT Experts based in London’s main business area, is familiar with the local business climate, and also knows the laws of the land (local compliance expectations and standards of practice). They are well versed with what IT infrastructure is available, such as access to the internet and internet speed, geographical strengths and challenges, local opportunities, etc. With the knowledge of challenges that businesses similar to you face, solutions will be quicker, and “sharing best practices” will make more sense.

  3. The local IT company is aware of the daily challenges

    An incomparable advantage of having a locally Managed IT Support Service is that they know exactly what social, economic and political matters affect you on a day-to-day basis. Take for example the recent on-going transport crisis, or any weather disturbances. A local IT support company based in London will not only foresee these obstacles but also try and prepare in advance.

  4. Personalized service

    When you have an IT partner that is not just for remote support but someone that you can meet face-to-face, it’s not just a contract or a out-sourced service. They see how you work first-hand; they become a part of your business family; they connect with your team and bounce off ideas; they want to grow with your company, and want to celebrate every milestone. This customized customer service cannot be matched virtually.

  5. Training for employees

    Another important aspect of IT & network management is constant upgrading, not just of systems and software, but also of updating the staff who are using these systems and software. For those who are not tech-savvy, using new systems is uncomfortable and this could affect their productivity which in turn affects your output. Not everyone learns the same way, and virtual training can only go so far! Having well-trained technical consultants physically guide your staff through the processes will only benefit your business.

  6. Opportunity for growth

    A company should look at least 3-5 years into the future, to see where they want their business to be. This will help them determine what IT services will be required, and thus decide which IT company they should hire. Any entrepreneur who envisions a flourishing commerce (but of course), and taking on new opportunities for growth, will most likely understand that his/her technological requirements will grow as well. In such situations, on-site support for technological changes to expand your business will be most critical.

  7. The best of both the worlds

    Having on-site experts for your technical needs, and yet not having to worry about all the HRD hassles, is the best situation to be in. No recruitment or training costs, no monthly salary processes, no holiday or leave allotment issues, no responsibility of capability development, and yet have effective, in-house, time-efficient solutions from a company like Portmantech, just a few blocks away.

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Another perspective is that every opportunity to localize your supply-chain represents a wonderful effort to help the environment. Reducing shipping & storage, and thus reducing emissions & energy usage promotes ‘green’ manufacturing, which will only build your brand awareness & customer loyalty. A study reveals that as much as 63% of the money locally spent goes back to the local economy.

To facilitate your ideas, Portmantech deploys high quality (systems/machinery) and delivers superior standards of maintenance. We also ensure that the personnel we employee are highly qualified, with years of experience, trained regularly to keep abreast of emerging technical trends, and most importantly are friendly and proactive. By working with faces that you get to know and trust, there will be less ‘lost in transition’, a sense of greater control, and eventually, an easier and speedy communication system will enable you to launch your products and services faster.

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Data breaches, system outages and other unpredictable risks with IT could make you lose your sleep at night. Get into a partnership with an affordable local IT company based in London. And every time one of our superheroes from Portmantech saves the day for you, the only thing that could bring you peace of mind are these golden words “If you face any other problems, I’ll be back!”


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