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Public Cloud Solution

What is a Public Cloud Solution?

Struggling with IT infrastructure limitations? Public cloud solutions offer a game-changing approach, delivering scalable and cost-effective computing resources on-demand. But what exactly is a public cloud?

  • Definition: Public cloud as a model for delivering cloud computing resources over the public internet.
    Imagine a virtual IT department accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. That’s the essence of a public cloud. Providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP offer a vast pool of resources – servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and even analytics tools – all accessible over the public internet.

    These resources are shared among multiple users, but your data remains secure and isolated. Need more processing power for a sudden surge in traffic? No sweat! Public cloud lets you scale resources up or down in minutes, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

    Consider your specific needs (compute power, storage requirements) and how the cloud scales to meet your growth. Security is paramount, so prioritise providers with strong compliance certifications. Don’t forget to factor in pricing models and how seamlessly the cloud integrates with your existing IT setup.

Drowning in Server Management? Scale Up with Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Struggling with outdated hardware, rising IT costs, and limited scalability? Our secure cloud infrastructure services free you from hardware headaches, reduce costs, and provide on-demand resources to fuel your growth.

  • Shared Infrastructure: Resources are pooled and shared among multiple users.
    Imagine a bustling co-working space – a single location with resources like desks, printers, and internet access, all shared by multiple businesses. That’s the basic idea behind shared infrastructure in public cloud solutions.

    Providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP maintain massive data centers packed with servers, storage, and networking equipment. These resources are then divided and shared among multiple users, offering a cost-effective way to access the computing power you need.

    While resources are shared, security remains a top priority. Public cloud providers secure the underlying infrastructure. However, you’re responsible for securing your data and applications. Encryption is key, so encrypt your data at rest and in transit. Implement strong access controls and consistently monitor your cloud activity for any suspicious behavior.

  • On-Demand Access: Users can self-service provision and scale resources as needed.
    Consider that a project calls for a new server, but having to wait weeks for procurement and setup. That’s the frustration of traditional IT. Public cloud solutions offer a refreshing alternative: self-service provisioning. With a few clicks through an intuitive interface, you can provision the resources you need – servers, storage, databases –  instantly.

    Need more processing power for a marketing campaign? No problem! Scale your resources up in minutes. Finished with the project? Scale back down to avoid unnecessary costs. You’re in complete control, with on-demand access to the IT resources you need, when you need them.

    On-demand provisioning lets you deploy applications and infrastructure faster than ever before. This agility fuels innovation and helps you seize new business opportunities.

    Self-service provisioning frees your IT team from time-consuming tasks like server setup and configuration. They can focus on strategic initiatives that drive business value.

  • Pay-as-you-Go Model: Users only pay for the resources they consume.
    Think back to the days of unlimited data plans that ended with a hefty bill shock. Traditional IT can be similar – you invest in hardware and software, but often a significant portion goes unused.

    Public cloud with its pay-as-you-go model eliminates this waste. You only pay for the resources you actually consume – servers, storage, databases, and more. Need extra processing power for a short-term project? The cloud lets you scale up, then scale back down without any unnecessary costs.

    Pay-as-you-go puts you in control of your IT spending. No more upfront capital expenditure on hardware or software licenses. You only pay for what you use, keeping your IT budget flexible and efficient.

    The pay-as-you-go model is ideal for businesses with fluctuating resource needs. You can scale your IT infrastructure up or down as your business grows, without significant upfront investments.

Benefits of Public Cloud Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure

Public cloud computing, which provides an adaptable and affordable method of managing your IT infrastructure, is sweeping the business community. But why is it specifically so advantageous? Now let us explore the main benefits that public cloud solutions offer for your cloud architecture.


  • Reduced upfront capital expenditure on hardware and software.
    Remember the days of sinking a small fortune into new servers that ended up underutilised? Traditional IT often requires significant upfront investments in hardware and software licenses. Public cloud flips this script with a focus on reduced upfront capital expenditure.

    You don’t need to break the bank on hardware or software upfront. Free up your capital for strategic investments by eliminating the need for large upfront IT expenditures. This improved cash flow can fuel growth initiatives or product development.

  • Pay-as-you-go model eliminates unused resource costs.
    Recall the occasion when you purchased a massive server for a one-time job, only to have it gather dust ever since? Traditional IT can be a money pit – you invest in hardware and software, but a significant portion often goes unused. Public cloud with its pay-as-you-go model eliminates this waste.

    You only pay for the resources you actually consume – servers, storage, databases, and more. Need extra processing power for a short-term marketing campaign? The cloud lets you scale up, then scale back down to zero unused resource costs.

    Take control of your IT spending with pay-as-you-go. No more upfront capital expenditure on hardware or software licenses. You only pay for what you use, keeping your IT budget flexible and efficient.

    Experiment with new technologies and applications without breaking the bank. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to try before you commit, minimizing financial risk associated with unused resources.

Scalability and Elasticity:

  • Easily scale resources up or down to meet changing demands.
    Traditional IT can be a slow and cumbersome process. Public cloud offers a refreshing alternative – effortless scaling. With a few clicks through an intuitive interface, you can scale resources up or down to meet your fluctuating demands.

    Need more processing power for a product launch? No problem! Scale up your resources in minutes. Project finished? Scale back down to avoid unnecessary costs. You’re in complete control, with the power to adapt your IT infrastructure to your business needs, on-demand.

    Public cloud ensures you have the resources you need, when you need them. No more being stuck with over-provisioned infrastructure or struggling with underpowered systems during peak periods.

  • Enables rapid provisioning for new projects or workloads.
    Public cloud with its rapid provisioning capabilities flips the script. With a user-friendly interface, you can provision the resources you need – servers, storage, databases – in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

    Need a new development environment for a groundbreaking app? No problem! Spin it up in the cloud in seconds. Finished with the project? Easily delete the resources to avoid unnecessary costs.

Increased Agility and Innovation:

  • Faster deployment of applications and infrastructure.
    New applications to be deployed through traditional IT? It can feel like an eternity for a business hungry to innovate. Public cloud offers a refreshing alternative – faster deployments.

    With user-friendly interfaces and automated processes, you can deploy new applications and infrastructure in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. Need a new marketing campaign website up and running yesterday? No problem! Spin it up in the cloud in minutes.

    Faster deployments fuel innovation by letting you get your ideas to market quicker. This agility allows you to capitalize on fleeting market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Access to cutting-edge technologies without large investments.
    Level Up Your Tech Stack in Seconds (No Big Bucks Needed!). Traditional IT often requires hefty investments in hardware and software licenses, limiting access to cutting-edge tech. instant access to a vast array of cutting-edge technologies, from AI and machine learning to advanced analytics and blockchain. No upfront investment, no long procurement cycles – just innovation at your fingertips.

    Adapt to changing market demands with ease. The cloud’s access to cutting-edge tech lets you quickly adopt new solutions and capitalize on emerging trends.

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Improved Reliability and Disaster Recovery:

  • Redundant infrastructure ensures high availability and uptime.
    Built-In Backups: a hardware failure that brings your entire IT infrastructure crashing down. Traditional IT can leave you scrambling for backups and facing costly downtime. Public cloud offers a fortress of reliability – redundant infrastructure. This means your data and applications are automatically mirrored across multiple servers and data centers.

    If a server hiccups? No sweat! The cloud seamlessly switches operations to another server, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum uptime. Need to recover from a natural disaster? Public cloud providers have geographically dispersed data centers, so your data remains safe and accessible, even in the face of unforeseen events.

  • Cloud providers manage disaster recovery for simplified business continuity.
    Disaster Recovery on Autopilot: Public cloud offers a disaster recovery hero: the cloud provider. They manage the heavy lifting, ensuring your data is automatically backed up and readily available in geographically dispersed data centers.

    An earthquake strikes? No worries! The cloud seamlessly switches operations to a remote data center, minimising disruption and keeping your business operational. Disaster recovery with the cloud is all about simplified business continuity – you focus on what you do best, while the cloud takes care of the rest.

Popular Public Cloud Providers for Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When it comes to public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a household name for a reason. They offer an unmatched breadth and depth of services, making them a one-stop shop for all your cloud infrastructure needs. Here’s what sets Amazon Web Services (AWS) apart:

  • Unmatched Service Portfolio: From compute power and storage to databases, security, and machine learning – Amazon Web Services (AWS) has it all. You get a vast array of services at your fingertips, allowing you to build and deploy anything you can imagine.
  • Scalability and Elasticity on Demand: Need to ramp up resources for a product launch? No problem! Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you scale your infrastructure up or down in minutes, ensuring you always have the right resources to meet your needs.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Efficiency: Ditch the upfront capital expenditure. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you only pay for the resources you consume. This keeps your IT budget flexible and optimizes costs.
  • Renowned Security and Reliability: Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts industry-leading security practices and a global network of data centers. Your data is safe, secure, and always available, giving you peace of mind.
  • A Thriving Cloud Community: Never go it alone! Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a vast and supportive community of users and developers. You’ll find a wealth of resources, tutorials, and support to help you navigate the cloud with ease.

Microsoft Azure

Public cloud is hot, and Microsoft Azure is a frontrunner. But why choose Azure for your cloud infrastructure? Here’s the scoop:

  • Microsoft Magic: Seamless integration with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 boosts productivity, especially for existing Microsoft users.
  • Hybrid Cloud Hero: Connect your on-premises infrastructure with the cloud for ultimate flexibility, ideal for businesses with existing IT investments.
  • AI and Machine Learning Powerhouse: Unlock innovation with a robust suite of AI tools, giving your business a competitive edge.
  • Global Security and Reach: Sleep soundly knowing your data is secure and accessible with Microsoft’s global network and industry-leading security practices.
  • Constantly Evolving: Always have access to the latest cloud technologies with Microsoft’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is more than just a cloud service provider. It is a center of innovation powered by Google’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to open source. Here’s why companies prefer Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Speed Demon Performance: The same infrastructure that powers Google Search and YouTube is utilized by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), resulting in unparalleled performance and scalability. Get ready for lightning-fast deployments and applications that fly.
  • Machine Learning Mastery: Tap into Google’s AI expertise with GCP’s industry-leading machine learning tools. From natural language processing to computer vision, unlock groundbreaking capabilities for your business.
  • Open Source Oasis: Developers rejoice! Google Cloud Platform (GCP) embraces open source, giving you the flexibility and control you crave. Build, deploy, and manage your applications on your terms.
  • Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions: Optimize your IT budget with GCP’s pay-as-you-go model and competitive pricing. You only pay for the resources you consume, keeping costs under control.
  • Built-In Security: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is secure with Google’s world-class security practices. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) safeguards your information with cutting-edge encryption and threat detection.

IBM Cloud

Public cloud is booming, and IBM Cloud stands out with its unmatched security and focus on enterprise needs.

Built for Business, Secured by Design:

  • Security Champion: IBM Cloud prioritizes security, giving you peace of mind with industry-leading practices and a zero-trust approach.
  • Hybrid Cloud Hero: Seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure for a hybrid cloud solution.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Get solutions tailored to your specific needs, like finance or healthcare.

Alibaba Cloud

Public cloud is exploding, and Alibaba Cloud, a rising star in the East, offers a compelling choice. Here’s why:

  • Asian Infrastructure Powerhouse: Tap into their massive data center network for global reach and scalability.
  • Cost-Effective Cloud: Pay-as-you-go keeps your IT budget flexible.
  • E-commerce Expertise: Leverage Alibaba’s dominance for online sales and marketing solutions.
  • Innovation Focus: Get access to cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and big data tools.

Choosing the Right Public Cloud Provider

Factors to Consider:

Specific infrastructure needs

Public cloud offers amazing flexibility, but choosing the right provider can be tricky. Here’s how to pick your dream team based on your infrastructure needs:

Compute Power:

  • Speed Demons: Google Cloud Platform for lightning-fast processing.
  • Cost-Conscious: Amazon Web Services for budget-friendly options.
  • Dev & Test Heavy: Microsoft Azure for robust virtual machines.

Storage Solutions:

  • Massive Datasets: AWS for various storage options (object, block).
  • Security First: IBM Cloud for industry-leading data protection.
  • Flexibility & Control: Google Cloud Platform for open-source storage.

Network Muscle:

  • Global Reach: Alibaba Cloud for its massive international network.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Microsoft Azure for smooth on-premises integration.
  • Low Latency: AWS for high-performance networks.

Consider your specific compute, storage, and network needs to find the perfect public cloud provider for your business. We can help you assess your needs and make the best choice!

Scalability and performance requirements

Picking the right provider for your growth and performance can be tricky. Here’s the cheat sheet:

Scalability Champs:

  • Explosive Growth: AWS lets you scale resources up/down instantly to keep pace.
  • Global Reach & Auto-Scaling: Microsoft Azure offers similar features with global reach.

Performance Beasts:

  • Blazing Speed: Google Cloud Platform delivers unmatched performance for demanding workloads.
  • Low Latency: AWS shines with high-performance networks for mission-critical applications.

Security and compliance certifications

Not all clouds are created equal when it comes to security. Look for providers boasting a robust arsenal of industry-leading certifications. These certifications verify the provider’s adherence to rigorous security standards, giving you peace of mind. Here are some key certifications to consider:

  • SOC 2: This gold standard verifies a provider’s internal controls related to security, availability, and data integrity.
  • HIPAA: Crucial for healthcare providers, HIPAA ensures compliance with strict data privacy regulations for protected health information.
  • PCI-DSS: Essential for businesses handling credit card information, PCI-DSS verifies adherence to stringent payment card security standards.
  • ISO 27001: This internationally recognized standard ensures a provider maintains a robust information security management system (ISMS).

Pricing models and cost optimization

Public cloud providers offer a variety of pricing models, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these options is your first step to cost optimization:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: This flexible model lets you only pay for the resources you consume, perfect for unpredictable workloads. Imagine paying for a hotel room by the hour, not the entire night!
  • Reserved Instances: Commit to using specific resources for a set period and enjoy significant discounts. Think of it like a bulk purchase deal for your cloud resources.
  • Spot Instances: Feeling adventurous? Bid on unused compute capacity for steep discounts. It’s like scoring a last-minute hotel deal, but for your cloud infrastructure! (Availability can fluctuate, so be prepared to adapt.)
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Integration with existing IT infrastructure

Not all clouds are created equal when it comes to integration. Look for providers offering robust tools and features that make connecting your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud a smooth journey. Here’s what to consider:

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: These solutions act as a bridge, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your on-premises applications and data with cloud-based services. Imagine a sturdy walkway connecting your castle to the vibrant cloud metropolis!
  • API Management Tools: APIs (application programming interfaces) act as messengers between your existing systems and the cloud. Choose a provider with robust API management tools to ensure smooth communication. Think of them as skilled diplomats ensuring your on-premises systems and the cloud can understand each other perfectly!
  • Migration Assistance: Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can be daunting. Look for providers offering migration assistance services to help you navigate the process smoothly. Imagine having a team of expert engineers to help you build and fortify your cloud bridge!
Empower Innovation: Unleash Scalable Cloud Infrastructure for Growth

Stop infrastructure limitations from hindering your ambitions. Our cloud solutions offer limitless scalability, allowing you to focus on innovation and scale your applications effortlessly to meet growing demands.

Security Considerations for Public Cloud Solutions

Data Encryption:
Data encryption acts as its bodyguard, transforming it into an unreadable jumble using powerful algorithms. Only authorized users with the decryption key can unlock the true meaning of your data, ensuring its confidentiality.

Data encryption safeguards your information in two critical ways:

  • Data at Rest: Encryption scrambles your data while it’s stored in the cloud, like locking your treasure chest shut before placing it in the vault.
  • Data in Transit: Encryption protects your data as it travels between your systems and the cloud, like having an armored carriage guarded by knights to deliver your valuables.

Identity and Access Management (IAM):
IAM acts as your gatekeeper, ensuring only authorized individuals with the right credentials can enter specific areas. IAM lets you define who can access your cloud resources (like compute instances, storage buckets, and databases) and what actions they can perform (like read, write, or delete).

Think of it like issuing special permits for specific areas of your city, ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive locations. IAM empowers you to create detailed policies that define access permissions in your cloud kingdom.

Monitoring and Logging:
Monitoring and logging act as your tireless watchtower sentinels, constantly scanning for suspicious activity. Monitoring systems track resource usage and performance metrics, while logging captures detailed records of events happening within your cloud environment. By analyzing this data, you can identify potential threats before they escalate into major breaches.


Public cloud security can feel like a gamble, but with the right provider, your data is in Fort Knox! Here at Portman Tech Solutions, we prioritise ironclad security:

  • Industry-Standard Encryption: We safeguard your data at rest and in transit with top-tier encryption algorithms.
  • Robust Access Controls: Only authorized users with the right credentials can access your cloud resources.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Logging: We keep a watchful eye on your cloud activity, spotting suspicious behavior before it becomes a threat.

Plus, we offer expert guidance to:

  • Choose the right security settings for your needs.
  • Implement strong IAM policies for access control.
  • Maintain a comprehensive security posture.

Don’t let security concerns hold you back from the cloud’s potential! Contact Portman Tech Solutions Limited today and let’s build your secure cloud fortress!

Public cloud offers amazing flexibility, but data privacy regulations can feel like a labyrinth. Fear not, adventurer! Portman Tech Solutions Limited is your guide to compliance glory:

  • Compliance Expertise: We navigate complex regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, helping you choose the right cloud solution.
  • Security-First Approach: Our ironclad security features keep your data safe and compliant.
  • Detailed Activity Logging: Maintain a clear audit trail for regulatory peace of mind.

Public cloud security’s a team effort! Portman Tech secures the infrastructure; you configure & manage access. Together, we build an unbreachable fortress!

We empower you with: Security guidance, Compliance assistance, Ongoing support.

we help you navigate the cost maze and find the perfect solution for your organisation. Here’s how we conquer the cost dragon:

We offer handy cost calculators to estimate your potential expenses based on your specific needs. you only pay for what you consume! We help you right-size your cloud resources to ensure you’re not paying for more than you need.

For predictable workloads, we can help you secure significant discounts with reserved instances and savings plans, just like getting a loyalty program deal at your favorite restaurant!

Lost migrating to the cloud? Fear not! Portman Tech Solutions is your cloud Sherpa. We assess your IT kingdom, plan your move, and migrate your data & applications securely. Our experts ensure a smooth journey to the public cloud!

Compatibility Challenges: Not all your existing systems might speak the cloud’s language. We assess compatibility and suggest solutions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Data Security & Compliance: Worried about your data’s safety during the move? We prioritize ironclad security and compliance to keep your information protected.

On-premises hardware limitations can throttle you. The cloud offers on-demand resources, letting you scale up or down for peak performance whenever needed. Imagine upgrading your horse-drawn carriage to a sleek cloud-powered airship!

Downtime is a nightmare. The cloud offers built-in redundancy and disaster recovery features, keeping your applications up and running even during unexpected hiccups. Think of it like having a team of cloud wizards ready to fix any performance glitches!

The cloud isn’t a single point of failure. Providers like us distribute your data and applications across geographically diverse locations, ensuring redundancy in case of localized issues. Imagine having multiple fortresses for your data, so even if one is attacked, the others remain standing strong!

We work with you to develop a disaster recovery plan, outlining the steps to take in case of an outage. Think of it like a well-rehearsed escape plan for your cloud kingdom, ensuring a swift recovery!

Some cloud solutions are more “portable” than others. We assess your workloads and identify potential challenges associated with moving between providers.

Embrace open-source technologies and containerisation for easier portability. Think of it like packing your belongings in standardized crates, making them easier to move between cloud castles!


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