“Portman Tech are very responsive and if we ever need support or have a technical query, we can immediately speak to a very competent specialist. The team there really looks after us.”

Richard Ham, IT Consultant at Lily’s Kitchen


We all love our pets and want them to have the best, which is the ethos behind Hampstead based pet food brand, Lily’s Kitchen. 

Lily’s Kitchen make delicious, quality recipes using wholesome ingredients. 

A real start up success story, Lily’s Kitchen started out as a small, independent manufacturer and with such good products, grew very quickly.  

With a good online presence too, their products have a strong international following with happy customers all around the world. 


Lily’s Kitchen offices were located in North London for more than 10 years. 

The existing phone system was outdated, costly to maintain and not flexible enough to cater for a dynamic growing company. 

The internet connectivity was also not reliable enough which impacted on productivity and customer service. 

Lily’s Kitchen were relocating to purpose-built new headquarters in London’s West End and were looking to modernise their telecommunications and internet connectivity requirements to match their ambitious growth plans and excellent customer service values. Maintaining a level of flexibility was also essential to ensure they remain agile in the years to come. 

lily's kitchen office


Portman Tech proposed a cloud based unified communications solution with Microsoft Teams integration allowing staff to work in the office or remotely providing true flexibility. 

A combination of IP phones and Teams Soft Clients allows staff to communicate via voice, video, IM and email. 

With customers all over the world and ordering online 24/7 the internet connectivity is critical for the business. 

A high speed, high availability internet solution was provided via dual feeds into the building. A 500mbs fibre optic line and a 500mbs wireless antenna ensuring resilience and always on connectivity. 

“Having a unified communications system was an absolute saviour. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we introduced homeworking overnight and there was no negative impact whatsoever - people just carried on as if they were all together in the office. Had we been on the old system, we would have been redirecting incoming calls to mobiles, we would not have been able to transfer calls or monitor call quality and volumes.”

Richard Ham, IT Consultant at Lily’s Kitchen

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