When To Outsource IT Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

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When To Outsource IT Services

“DO WHAT YOU DO BEST, Outsource the rest!” – said the father of modern business management,

Peter F Drucker

That would however not mean that you bow out of all your management responsibilities, and yes this also won’t work well as a kneejerk reaction when your IT department is suddenly in trouble.

So, what are the early symptoms that should make you sit up and contemplate about your decision to look for an IT company like Portman Tech based in Central London?

Can Outsourcing IT Save You Money? The Ultimate Cost-Benefit Analysis

  1. Increasing demands of a growing business –

    While this is a great sign for you, the pressure of processing more orders quickly and moving on to the next contract efficiently will always hover above you. Any technical malfunction, or any human related problems within your IT team, would severely affect your clients’ experience. Let’s say there isn’t any problem, but you wish to suddenly upscale the numbers to take advantage of an upcoming festival/event or promotion. Would your current bandwidth (IT resources) allow you to seamlessly work through this added responsibility?

  2. Multi-tasking Employees –

    Many businesses expect their employees to play multiple roles. The entrepreneur sometimes himself/herself dons multiple hats to leverage in-house efficiency. But are we not risking overworking the employees, or the quality of work over a period of time? If an employee is handling a specific service and is also acting as the IT support provider, he/she would be constantly required to resolve bugs and glitches for other employees while he remains away from his core profile. Again, customers don’t like to wait if your staff is busy with any tasks that are not related to their deliverables.

  3. Working against budgets –

    Your in-house team that managed IT services for you had several hidden costs. Recruiting them, training them, paying for their paid/sick leaves, insurance schemes, etc. along with creating infrastructure and space for them within your office, is going to impact your budget. When you face the burden of a pandemic or a slowdown, you have to go through the painful process of skimming your process, and that’s when you may realize there was always a better option.

  4. Technical competencies –

    We have always stressed on this point on our previous blogs too. Are you adequately qualified to know that you are recruiting the right talent? Are you buying the best fit for your office systems, or is the sales rep taking you for a ride? Sometimes we do spend impulsively on tech that we might not need at all. Sometimes we spend on a version that is going to get upgraded just the next week. When we are not sure, it makes more sense to get assistance from a professional IT support company around you.

  5. The feeling of being stuck in a time-loop

    – Sometimes, businesses are constantly compromising on technical upgrades, and sometimes the IT team are just too busy dealing with everyday routine tasks so much so that they don’t come up with new ideas that can benefit your product/service anymore. Outsourcing your IT support services brings peace of mind, which automatically produces path-breaking ideas to push your business beyond time and multiverse.

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Can Outsourcing IT Save You Money? The Ultimate Cost-Benefit Analysis | portmantech.com

A well-timed strategic decision will help save money on unnecessary tasks. It’s the same reason why your clients use your products or services instead of developing their own. They just have to know that you are the expert here! Similarly, Portman Tech is an IT company in London that specialises in providing managed it support, software development, unified communications, niche technologies, cyber security consultancy etc. As an experienced IT service provider, we also recommend outsourcing data storage because it is cheaper to contract a third party than to buy and maintain your own data storage devices and facilities.

Similarly, some more IT outsourcing suggestions that you could benefit from:

  • Outsource Help Desk
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Migration – private cloud, public cloud and hybrid infrastructures
  • Application Development
  • Software installation & maintenance
  • Training in-house staff on technical basics
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Similarly, some more IT outsourcing suggestions that you could benefit from | portmantech.com

With a number of IT support providers coming up in London, it is true that outsourcing IT requirements has become a highly popular route among businesses. In fact, companies with larger budgets have also preferred this option since their goal is the same – to lower operational costs and thus increase flexibility of the business model.

Speak with us if you haven’t tried it yet and also if you can see any of the above signs in your own company. We are sure to make this engagement a digitally-progressive delight!


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